Peculiarly, together with Italy we are the first producers of cherries in Europe (Spain - the 5th in the whole world). Cherries at the supermarket remind us that summer is around the corner: Temperatures are soft, the sun shines and everybody looks prettier and happier out there.

It has also been a symbol for hedonism, sensuality and passion since prehistoric Europe and West Asia, when people were eating them off wild trees.

Best things in life happen unexpectedly and this is why Pacha and its Cherries are so special. They have become all what Ibiza means, always related to music and party, a lifestyle and our favourite fruit.

They are refreshing and juicy, full of vitamins, nutrients and fiber. Even though these fruits need the sun to rise, cherries must be in a cool place right after picking to keep fresh and tasty, ready to eat. They don’t necessarily grow together but when double the cherry, double the love!

We’ve asked last summer’s artists to finish the sentence: Cherries with…

Robin Schulz: My girlfriend

Bob Sinclar: …Mango

Hot Since 82: Coconut Ice Cream

Martin Solveig: Homemade whipped cream

SOLOMUN: Cream, of course

Stephan Bodzin: Luna & Lila (Luna is Stephan’s wife and Lila his daughter)

Daniel Pierce (Eats Everything): Pastry - I love a good cherry bakewell tart. Two DJs  you would share some cherries with? It’s really hard to just pick two, erm, probably Carl Cox and Claude VonStroke - both absolute legends. 

We say Cherries with… YOU!